The Managing Agent is Mallorie Estates, Email: Contact Number: 01202 901709

Unfortunately, we only have two visitor parking spaces currently and they are located by the Burton Road entrance on the left as you come in. The visitor spaces are short term and for visitors only. Please put a note on the dashboard to identify which flat you are visiting. The drive at the front can be used for short stops to pick up and drop off people and shopping etc. The time limit to be parked at the front is 20 minutes and please make sure your car doesn’t block the driveway. Luckily Pelham is surrounded by roads that allow residents parking. Permits are not expensive and can be applied for from

We understand that residents will want to make alterations and improvements to their properties. Some works such as changing windows, boiler and structural works will require the permission of the Board but before carrying out any works you should contact the Managing Agent for guidance. We would ask you to be considerate to your neighbours and keep any works that are noisy to during the day and if possible on weekdays.

In the first instance, faults or complaints should be brought to the attention of the managing agent. Please go to the contacts page to phone or email.

We do not have a secure bike storage cage within the grounds currently. Residents should store bikes in their garages.

No bicycles may be brought into the buildings or left on any balcony or terrace.

There is a bin store by the garages at the rear of the property. Please try to recycle as much as you can as this is a benefit to everyone. It is also helpful to crush any boxes that you may be disposing of. The Dustmen will not remove any waste that is not inside a bin. Please do not place any rubbish on top of the bins or on the floor.

Items such as Furniture, mattresses and electrical items (microwaves, toasters, fridges etc. must be taken to the Council Dump – Household Waste Recycling Centre. 92-98 Nuffield Road, Poole, BH17 0RS. Any items left in the area will be removed by the Directors and the resident will be charged for the cost of removal.

Unfortunately, the Council collection is now fortnightly so please do everything you can to condense rubbish and recycling.

The communal areas are thoroughly cleaned every week. The communal windows are cleaned every quarter, inside and outside. The Board respectfully asks that residents and their guests use the doormats to wipe their feet as we live on a woodland estate which means leaves are on the ground and they tread through.

We are lucky to have Michael look after our gardens. He is on site every week usually on a Wednesday. If you want to get a message to him then please send it through Charlotte our Property Manager.

We ask all residents to play their part so that we don’t have the litter left on the grounds. If you see it bag it and if you see it being dropped then contact the Managing Agent.

Dogs and cats are strictly not allowed at Pelham in accordance with the terms of the lease.

Yes, everyone should have a fire alarm fitted within their individual apartments. Residents should also check that the self-closing device on the front door to their apartment is in working order.

Absolutely not, it is strictly against the terms of residence to hang washing on your balcony. The Lease prohibits laundry to be placed in these areas.

No, it is against the terms of the Lease to light BBQs on your balcony or patio. This is not only for the reasons of it being a fire hazard but the smoke can also be a nuisance to other residents.

24th June £435.34
29th September £435.34
25th December £435.34
25th March £435.34

Yes, it is essential that you have a key holder in the local area for emergencies. Ideally, the key should be held by a trusted family member or close friend. The Managing Agent will not hold keys for members.

Key holder information should be given to Mallorie Estates for future reference.