Pelham is being restored to its original glory

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The Managing Agent will soon be running the project for the long overdue refurbishment of the rear of our property during the summer.  This is a challenging project which the board has been working on with the agent over the last 12 months.  Once complete it will be a big step forward in the process of renewal so desperately needed. We have seen property prices increasing at Pelham well above the market over the last couple of years with the most recent sale achieving £207,000.  We are told that this is a reaction to the management strategies now in place and also very much due to the program of work that is planned over several years to restore our block to its former glory.  

Once the back of the property is restored then we will have to consider the order of priorities, there is still much to do. The garages look very tired with some having electricity and others not.  We need a new soakaway in the in the garage car park.  The communal windows that run the full height of the buildings at the front need attention and the internal decorations are very dowdy.  Internal lighting has been managed without any thought so we have a variety of light fittings.  The doormats inside the front doors need replacing and the floors beneath them have broken up, this work is in the program for this year.  The Board has accepted a quote to re-decorate the inside ground floors and the outside of both porches. This project when completed will give Pelham a much more pleasing aspect when coming in and be a taster of how the whole building can be revived internally.

Pelham is a 1960’s architectural classic building.  The beautiful stairways and open aspects of the landings are quite a rare feature.  Pelham compares very favourably with many blocks on Lindsay Road from a design perspective.  In another couple of years, we will have one of the premier apartment blocks in the area.