The Pelham Gardens

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Our apartment block is situated in a woodland setting. We have numerous beautiful trees many of which have Tree Preservation Orders on them but they need management.  Some years ago a survey with costs was carried out to attend to removing dead and dying trees and to manage the trees overhanging Lindsay Road.  The survey gave an urgent warning to attend to the tree work as identified.  Somehow this survey and quote were lost by a previous managing agent and the work was never done despite the warnings.  The Board worked through some ideas on the gardens and trees with Michael, the Pelham gardener, who drew our attention to the original tree survey and so we got in contact with Abor Vitae the tree care specialist.

Peter Gunston from Arbor Vitae, came along and reassessed the original quote. The Board gave him the go ahead and he put in for the relevant planning permissions from the Council, just in time as it happened.  Hardly had the application gone in when we received notification of legal action from the Highways Dept over the dangerous trees on the Lindsay Road side.  Thankfully the managing agent was able to report to them that the application was awaiting Council approval and we avoided prosecution.  

All water under the bridge now. Abor Vitae attended to tree work all around the Pelham Estate and Michael embarked on a planting program to fill gaps left and bring some variety into the borders.  Michael removed the dwarf hedge that ran around the central flower bed at the front. He ordered some stones from a Purbeck quarry to run along the edge of the front lawn and around the flower bed to deter careless drivers ploughing up our garden.  The feedback we have is that front garden has been opened up and looks so much better now.

Thank you and congratulations to Michael!